Release Date and Hints Involving the Apple iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5, The Pro-Lineup Is Possibly a Replacement for the Air Range of Devices!

Almost all Apple gadget lovers where disappointed when the iPad Air 3 and the iPad Mini 5 did not appear at the special event which took place in March. However, there are many tech websites which will release in the third quarter of this year and there has been a latest round up of updates involving the iPad Mini 5 and the iPad Air 3 regarding its release date, specs and rumors on the web. Beginning with the iPad Air 3, there are many who believed that the next iPad Air will be launched during the Keynote event in March.

However, what resulted was the release of iPad Air Pro which came in the same 9.7inch size similar to the iPad Air range. When you look at the release cycle of iPad, it has been suggested that the new version will arrive on 2015 October but in the end, it did not happen. The iPad Mini 4 was released along with iPhone 6 in September 2015.

Sadly, there was no October launch last year. The first generation in the iPad line of devices was released in 2013 and the iPad Air 2 was further launched in October 2016. PC Advisor’s Chris Martin further predicted that the iPad Air 3 will come later this year and it will probably come with some updates on the regular iPad model.

It will also provide customer with a cheaper option to the new Pro device and also an upgrade for the iPad Air 2 users. Meanwhile, regarding the specs of iPad Air 3, it will probably come with a 9.7inch screen with a 2048×1536 resolution along with a 264ppi pixel density. The device should also have a powerful processor like the A10 or the A10X for much greater performance levels.

Meanwhile, people are also checking out the latest developments on Apple iPad Mini 5. The current generation iPad Mini 4 was released back in 2015 September. According to some industry experts, Apple will use the same release window again for the next-generation iPad Mini.

According to MacWorld, the tablet might come in autumn 2016. According to the Mini 5 specs, the upcoming device could come with iOS 10 pre-installed right out of the box. On top of that, it could sport a thinner design compared to the older generation iPad Mini devices.

Meanwhile, Apple fans want the next generation device to come with a 3D Touch pressure sensitive screen, which is present in the current-generation iPhone models. Keep in mind that Apple is yet to confirm or deny any of the details mentioned above.

Meanwhile, most of the analysts and fans were expecting that Apple would unveil the devices at their 21st March event. However, it was not expected that the Cupertino based company would announce the discontinuation of the Air brand from the iPad Lineup. It was revealed that the 9.7inch iPad Pro would take the place of the expected iPad Air 3.

However, in spite of all these speculations, it was revealed that the iPad Air 3 did not die down at all. There are many who expect it to be released later this year. Meanwhile, the earlier rumored specifications turned out to be true for the 9.7inch iPad Pro, including features like the Apple Pencil and the A9X chip.

Fans are therefore, back to square one, but according to Tech Advisor, Apple will be offering a refreshed model of the Air in order to provide iPad Air 2 users with an option to upgrade further. In the meantime, the 9.7inch iPad Pro is $100 more expensive than the standard price of the iPad Air.