Suits Season 6 Will See Three New Characters Added to The Show, Pearson Specter Litt Will Continue Without Mike Ross, And More

Suits is an American legal drama television series that has been created by Aaron Korsh. The show is produced by Universal Cable and the first episode of this show was aired on June 23, 2011 on cable network USA.

The show just completed its fifth season and several updates and rumors regarding its next season are currently doing rounds on the internet. The finale of the fifth season recorded a total of 1.7 million viewers. It was aired on March 2, 2016.

Spoilers regarding the 6th season suggest that the showrunners will focus on Mike Ross’ time in jail. The character of Mike Ross is played by Patrick J. Adams. Mike Ross is the lead character of the show in the previous season it was seen that the character ended up in jail.

Initially he will find it quite difficult to cope up with the environment of a prison. However, reports state that he will manage to make friends with some other inmates of the prison and these inmates will help him to get adjusted to his new life in jail.

Apparently, three new characters will be added to the show in the upcoming season and it is these three characters who will become friends of Mike Ross. The new characters will be portrayed by Paul Schulze, Erik Palladino and Malcolm-Jamar Warner.

Erik Palladino will play the role of Kevin Miller, Paul Schulze will play the role of Frank Gallo and Malcolm-Jamar Warner will portray the role of a counsellor. However, the name of Jamar’s character is still not known. Jamar’s character will provide counselling to Mike during his time in the prison.

Kevin Miller is a guy who finds it difficult to easily put his trust on others and initially he will be skeptical about Mike Ross. However, with time he will learn to trust Ross. As for Frank Gallo, he is a long-time inhabitant of the prison.

All three of these characters will become an important part of Mike’s life and will provide all the necessary help to him during his days in the jail.

The first episode will not only focus on Mike, but also on the rest of the regular characters of the show. It was seen in the previous season that all of them becomes aware of the fact that no one is left at the Pearson Specter Litt.

While talking about the show, series creator Aaron Korsh stated– “Mike’s first night is him being processed. He’s having interactions with various people, and then ultimately he lands in a spot and has a story in that spot. The notion of the first night at the firm, for us in writing it, was not entirely dissimilar to ‘The Breakfast Club’: They’re in this big empty place, and what are they going to do? As opposed to ‘The Breakfast Club,’ where these people didn’t know each other, they all know each other. There’s going to be scenes where they have it out. How did they get here? Who’s fault is it? Then they’re going to come together and maybe have some fun scenes.”

As for the Pearson Specter Litt law firm, various reports suggest that it will not be shut down despite Mike being in jail. Gabriel Macht who plays the role of Harvey, himself dropped hints that the law firm will move forward without Mike.

Apparently, Harvey will be seen establishing a certain work relationship with Louis Litt. Both of these characters will be trying to rebuild the firm from scratch in the upcoming season. Macht revealed that Harvey and Litt working together will not be smooth as silk because they don’t always see eye-to-eye.