Suits Season 6 Will See Three New Characters Added to The Show, Pearson Specter Litt Will Continue Without Mike Ross, And More

Korsh revealed that the story will continue right from where it was left off in the previous season. He added that if they decided to do a time jump, it would have done injustice towards the story.

He also claimed that the season will be an emotional journey for all the characters and also for the viewers. He added that the episodes will have certain twists and turns that will be completely unexpected on the part of the viewers.

Spoilers also suggest that the bond of friendship that Harvey and Mike shares will come to the forefront in the upcoming season. Apparently, they will become even better friends in Suits: Season 6.

The tone of the show will be a shade lighter compared to that of the previous season. This was hinted by Macht himself who stated that some playful elements will be included in the episodes of the upcoming season of the show.

While talking about the season he stated that the upcoming season will see the characters smiling more compared to the other seasons. He also added that the serious and playful elements of the season will be more balanced.

The show is likely to hit the TV during the Summer of the ongoing year.

Stay tuned for more update on Suits: Season 6.