Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Being Developed Right Now, Why Wasn’t It Seen At E3? Let’s See

Red Dead Redemption released six years ago, and fans are still waiting for a sequel to this successful title. People were pretty excited to witness this game in E3 2016. Fans initially expected that Rockstar would be announcing the sequel.

Sadly, we haven’t received any details regarding this game so far. Red Dead Redemption is a highly popular franchise from Rockstar, and we are wondering why they haven’t released a sequel yet. According to Tech Times, Rockstar never officially confirmed that this game was under development.

They hinted that a new game might be in development, but this doesn’t mean that they are talking about Red Dead Redemption 2. It is also possible that Rockstar decided to avoid any discussion regarding this game since they were focusing on a much bigger project, Grand Theft Auto to be correct. The developers are currently experiencing a lot of success with the online multiplayer version of this game.

It is also possible that Rockstar exhausted its manpower during GTA Online’s post-release content development.  Although the company hasn’t confirmed anything, fans are still hoping that they will start dropping details soon. Moreover, the original Red Dead Redemption game is currently being offered as a backward compatibility title on the Xbox One.

You can play this game on the present-generation console by using a disc. The 7.5GB game can also be downloaded from the Xbox Store. People who already own the 360 will see immediately see the game appear on their Xbox One collection. When you play it on Xbox One, will be visuals will remain the same, but performance will be undoubtedly smoother.

Besides the GTA series, the next most popular game from Rockstar is Red Dead Redemption. The game features shoot-outs, cowboys, and outlaws who are nothing new but this open-world game from 2010 has a highly-detailed setting. Everything in the game, including the story, horses and the weaponry were perfect.

However, it seems like the makers were interested in this series. For months, it remained the most-requested Backwards Compatibility title. Following the announcement that RDR would be backwards compatible on Xbox One, sales for this title increased monumentally.

There are very few titles that can hold gamer interest for months but apparently, RDR has been holding it for years. Considering the major popularity of this series, it is just weird that Rockstar never announced a sequel. Right now, a sequel would make perfect sense, but we are not sure if Rockstar is doing it.

In other news, a Valve employee recently posted a development tutorial which raised hopes about Left 4 Dead 3 being real and currently a work-in-progress. In the post, you can see a set of Windows folders, which includes one designated for Left 4 Dead 3.

The site which found this image revealed that the picture had been replaced by another, where the folder is missing. According to ValveTime, the replacement image was photoshopped. Although folders like these can be present on Valve System Accounts, it is odd that only one game can be seen in the picture.

The site also hinted that Valve has probably started developing Left 4 Dead 3. It was reported that Valve Developers including Tristan Reidford had been recently playing Left 4 Dead 2 a lot. In the past two weeks, they played around 348 hours. Later, it was explained that Valve’s development team could run multiple instances, resulting in the stacking of play time.