FIFA 17 Features Some Excellent Improvements, How Does It Stack Up Against PES 17? Let’s See

People have been debating about FIFA and PES for a long time. Which is better? Which one of them offers more superior gameplay? How are the fanboys reacting?

We have seen a lot of heated debates on this topic. Ever since their releases in 1993 and 1996, EA and Konami have been battling each other.

Over the years, both franchises received newer features, various gameplay styles and including licenses to appeal to fans. Things will not be any different this year and once again we are faced with a difficult question. FIFA 17 includes three flagship features.

It has a revamped set piece system, a new story mode along with a switch to DICE’s Frostbite game engine. Frostbite now powers a lot of EA titles, but it was first built for Battlefield.

It includes various other games like Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Mass Effect: Andromeda and Star Wars: Battlefront. FIFA fans have been highly anticipating this switch.

They are the fans who started playing the same basic FIFA games since FIFA 14. However, Frostbite doesn’t make a lot of difference. The graphics regarding faces and animations looks sharper but instead of rebuilding it from the ground up, EA Sports has included a large dose of its Ignite Engine into Frostbite.

Things like AI and Physics animations are pretty much the same as they were in Ignite, but some future iterations will change for sure. However, regarding gameplay, the new cornering, and the free-kick system makes the biggest difference.

You can choose the power of your kick along with the starting position of the player and the speed during his run-up. The game focuses elsewhere with a great focus on shielding the ball and turning it away from players to advance a yard.

The AI has been upgraded especially with attacks. The teammates will be making more runs to create space.

Meanwhile, Soccer can be great but in America, people don’t value it a lot. There aren’t too many ways in which FIFA can become massively popular in America like other nations of the world. The sport is definitely in America, but the drama isn’t.

However, judging from the latest trailer, FIFA is working overtime to hook players who shouldn’t have anything to do with soccer. The new trailer is a huge pivot for the series, adding a complete cinematic story to play-through as well.

It has been called The Journey where players will take the role of an imaginary Alex Hunter. He comes out of nowhere to become the biggest star of Premiere League. The trailer shows a fun way to dive into the next FIFA game, especially if you’ve never played a FIFA title before. You should be very excited in case you are a FIFA veteran.

The game’s look and feel have been changed by FIFA, replacing all the old systems with the new Frostbite engine. The same framework has been used for different EA games like Need for Speed and Battlefield.

This year, FIFA is focusing on extra physicality and fluidic movement. It means that players will make more support runs across each other. The set pieces have been reworked, and there is an aiming reticule available for corners.

Players will be able to move up and down the touchline before using a throw-in. On top of that, managers from all the 20 Premier Leagues are available on the touchline with Jose Mourinho already with Manchester United. PES 2017 focused on making the fundamentals better. Passing is smoother and more accurate.