FIFA 17 Features Some Excellent Improvements, How Does It Stack Up Against PES 17? Let’s See

Regarding both power and accuracy, shooting offers a lot of variation. Both these games look fantastic. With Battlefield’s engine, EA has included volumetric lighting which makes night matches a treat to watch. At the same time, the facial likeness offered in PES is highly uncanny! We have already talked about Alex Hunter in FIFA 17.

Besides controlling him in matches, you can play-out interactive cutscenes where you can choose what to say to the media. You can also interact with teammates in the dressing room while responding to your coach’s orders from the touchline. EA is trying to move the series forward, but it is a huge risk that can backfire immediately.

FIFA has opened up a lot. You no longer have to do defensive midfielders and central defenders. You can intercept every pass while reaching the final third. You can push them backwards by quickly tapping L2.

You can buy yourself enough space to break centre midfielder or play in an overlapping full back. The low drilled shots are an absolute welcome as well. Everything is a little faster and more attacking but at the same time; the game properly utilizes its ‘sim’ elements.

Stay tuned for more updates on FIFA 17!