Raid Fixes, Strike Improvements and Details Regarding Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC And 1.1.2 Patch, More News

On a more serious note, Bungie has also decided to punish players who laze around during matchmaking events. Hopson said that for quite some time, they have been focusing on the tendency of players to sit idle on Strikes and PvP.

It’s quite evident that few of the worst lazy players are responsible for ruining the experience of thousands of other players worldwide. According to the official declaration, the punishment will be handed out to hardcore dedicated idlers resulting in a temporary ban on multiplayer activities. Reports indicate that Bungie will be rolling out the 1.1.2 Patch in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, the House of Wolves will be released before April ends. It was officially confirmed by game developer Bungie and the latest details were provided regarding the second expansion. This will include certain Raid fixes and much more. Furthermore, raids will also be refined in response to the excellent community feedback from gamers.

Furthermore, a lot of bugs will be rooted out and fixed with the latest patch released along with the Destiny DLC and patch. For example, there was a bug where players would hardly render any form of damage on Minotaurs while using the Relic Shield. Sean Chan, the Activities Engineer, declared that the bug was tied to a complicated hit test. It was necessary to detect a melee hit that was missed since the particular creature had a long-legged body.

What do you expect with the upcoming Destiny DLC and patch 1.1.2? Stay tuned for more updates on this topic!