Raid Fixes, Strike Improvements and Details Regarding Destiny’s House of Wolves DLC And 1.1.2 Patch, More News

Recently, Bungie released some details regarding the upcoming Patch 1.1.2 of Destiny. It will be released alongside the second expansion pack of Destiny known as House of Wolves. The patch will feature many changes and improvements in the form of raids, strikes and enhancements in player usage. According to the official blog site for this studio, the upcoming upgrade will feature all the necessary fixes for Crota Raid and Atheon bugs.

According to the developers, they have the chance to execute some targeted fixes with the upcoming Patch. The developers have acknowledged the community feedback and based on that they have prioritized a list of items. They will resolve or improve the ones that are bound to affect the player most. Primarily, they wanted to make improvements in the Crota, and Athena Boss encounters. Gavin Irby, the senior designer, told, that these encounters quite challenging with the game getting in their way.

The note further stated that with the release of the latest Patch 1.1.2, a lot of information will be released on the Raid Bug fixes. At the same time, the upgrade will feature some awesome Strike fixes, which brings a massive improvement to the Strikes gameplay. User Research Lead, John Hopson specifically addressed Cerberus Vae III Strike, which is considered to be the longest and toughest strike in this game. This particular strike took around 27 minutes to be completed. Production Engineer Brenton Woodrow has fixed this problem and declared their aim of easing up on the Strike difficulty.

Woodrow said that their primary objective was to simplify the difficulty for the least completed strikes. They have decided to accomplish this by focusing on the final boss encounters, which tended to be quite length on the higher tiers. In this case, they have reduced the strength of many of the major combatants.