Quick Menu To Be Personalized With Sony PS4 Update 4.0, Players Can View Trophies Offline, Sony Hints At More Updates Than Revealed In Blog

For the players who want to know what changes have been introduced to the Trophies, Game Rant reported that the PS4 Update 4.0 allows players to view the Trophies offline as well. The players will also be able to access the content of a Hidden Trophy and view its name and information.

The update has also gone ahead to make things simpler. The Trophies are going to be arranged by their rarity in a pyramid. This means that the Trophies that are the unique are going to be placed on the top of the pyramid, while the easily accessible ones are going to form the base. Players will even have the option to compare the Trophy progress with other players from the profile.

The PS4 Update 4.0 is also going to enable the players to change their profile photo with screenshots taken during the game. The PlayStation Blog indicates that there are going to be more updates than those mentioned in the blog.

This has got the players excited. Reports suggest that one of the additional changes is going to be the feature that will allow PSN players to change their usernames.

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