Civilisation VI is Set to Leave People Hooked and Make Playing A Bit More Educational, Release Due In October

It looks like good news is coming soon for every game lover. A new upcoming addition to the “Civilization” game series, named as Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI is speculated to be launched soon.

This upcoming 4X video game that is being developed by Firaxis Games, published by 2k Games and distributed by Taking Two Interactive, is speculated to be released on October 21 2016 for Microsoft Windows, and with planned ports for OS X and Linux.

If anyone out here is completely oblivious to the gaming interface, let me just leave you with a quick overview. Civilisation VI is a turn-based strategy video game where the gamers compete alongside computer-controlled opponents to establish their civilization.

2K games and Take Two Interactive have unveiled another trailer for the upcoming addition to the adventure diary of the civilization series. The new and the latest trailer revealed Frederick Barbarossa and the empire in Germany.

In more depth, Frederic Barbarossa served as the King of Germany and Holy Roman for 40 years. In defiance of papal authority, while winding six expeditions into Italy, Barbarossa sought peace in Germany with the usage of his strong organizational skills and military intellect. Despite all the impending tensions his heroism has brought him glory along the process.

Many game lovers and bloggers have put forth their positive and encouraging views on the upcoming iteration. They further stated that one of the best things about the game is that you can play it however you want.

You can create new, deep strategy layers, and the large variety of leaders will pursue their agendas based on their historical character traits as players.

Appraisals for the game’s looks and graphics along with the smooth player’s interface have been made, but the new Civilisation VI has a few variations from its previous games in the series.

The most striking change is that the cities are no longer stacked. There has been an addition of new elements, alongside building new districts, each with a new title of the now familiar hexagonal mapping system. The strategy is the key to this game, and it is very important to position properly all the cities for advantageous expand of resources and boosts.

Another striking change to this iteration is the Builder unit. It can be made to then build three items before building another grouping, and you might even seek some shelter or refinery. Protection to the builders can even be provided by the addition of military units attached to them.

One of yet other newest game features that are introduced in the latest iteration of Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI is the Active progression. With the addition of this, the players have the ability to speed up the process by completing activities in the game world.

And it looks like parents won’t mind if their kids spend an hour extra in the Civilisation VI game as the avid gamers have pointed out the educational aspect of the game. The players seem to learn new things while chanting a course for world domination as they upgrade their civilization’s technology.

When spoken to the associate producer of the game, Sarah Darney said that the franchise lends itself to teaching people while they have fun, even further adding that there’s so much history that people can learn and indulge themselves in.

With the expanding of the city on separate tiles on the gridded map unlike the single tile in the Civilisation V, it enhances and impacts some basic knowledge of city planning through the process.