Quick Menu To Be Personalized With Sony PS4 Update 4.0, Players Can View Trophies Offline, Sony Hints At More Updates Than Revealed In Blog

With the third anniversary of PlayStation 4 right around the corner, Sony is working hard to launch a firmware update. The firmware is going to clean up the user interface completely. Sony has been working on the PS4 Update 4.0 for a while now.

The project had been given the code-name of Shingen, and the update is going to start closed beta testing soon. There has been a scurry to find out what’s in store from the PS4 Update 4.0.

While the wait for the PS Update is going to be a long one, the team working on the PlayStation 4 update has come out to reveal some interesting glimpses of what can be expected from the 4.0 update. John Koller from Sony also revealed some interesting details on the PlayStation Blog.

Koller outlined some of the major improvements that can be seen in Shingen. He said that the first thing that Sony has decided to work on is the main interface. The whole interface is set to get a major facelift. This has excited the fans since this means that the look of the upcoming model after the update is going to be different from the current model.

Apart from the main user interface, Sony is also looking to bring in new backgrounds and redesign the icons and notification with the PS4 Update 4.0. Extreme Tech reported that while the interested users didn’t think that Sony would go for such a large number of changes with the PS4 Update 4.0, no one is complaining.

Sony saw there were many PS4 users who weren’t happy with the fact that the Quick Menu would cover the whole game-play. With the PS4 Update 4.0, Sony has decided to revamp the Quick Menu.

The Quick Menu can be accessed by pressing the PS button. Initially it would cover the whole screen, but with the latest update it is going to appear on the left-hand side of the screen.

Apart from stopping the Quick Menu from obscuring the game-play, Sony has also decided to make it customizable. This will enable the gamers to incorporate options that they want to see or require. This makes the Quick Menu truly handy. The default setting of the Quick Menu for the PS4 Update 4.0 is going to have easy access to the user’s online friends, communities, and groups.

The Share Menu is also going to change. It will follow the lines of the Quick Menu and will not cover the whole screen. The Share Menu for the PS4 is going to set the social network that the user uses most as the default. This makes it user-friendly and also makes the process of sharing faster than what it used to be previously.

If the user uses mostly Twitter, then he doesn’t have to scroll through the whole list of social networking sites he can share the information with before choosing his preference. And there is more good news for those who want to shift to the new PS4 after the 4.0 Update and those who share videos on Twitter. Since Twitter doesn’t have the 10 second limit on videos, that option is going to be removed from PS4 as well.

The Library in the earlier version of the PS4 would get a tad untidy when the players had a large amount of downloaded content. This issue has been tackled by Sony with the PS4 Update 4.0. A new tab is being incorporated, Purchased, which will contain all the content that has been procured by the player. This new feature is going to go a long way in de-cluttering the Library.