Dana White Reveals That Jon Jones Took The Banned Substances Unknowingly, Two-Year Ban Might Be Reduced To Six-Months, Jones Hopeful Of An Early Comeback

The drama surrounding Jon Jones refuses to go down. It looks like he didn’t knowingly take the banned substances that caused him to be banned from UFC 200 in July. Dana White, the UFC President, has come out to release this information last Tuesday. Jon Jones failed the out of competition drug test that was organized by the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) on June 16th.

Jones tested positive for Letrozole metabolite, which is an aromatase inhibitor, and also for Hydroxy-clomiphene, which is an anti-estrogenic agent. These two substances have been banned by the USADA both in and out of competition.

News.com.au reported that the two substances that Jon Jones had been tested positive for are usually taken to stave off the negative side-effects of administering performance-enhancing drugs.

Dana White was on the Jim Rome Show when he was asked about the incident surrounding Jon Jones. He said that from the reports that the UFC is getting, it looks like Jon Jones didn’t take the substances he was believed to have taken. Things are still being investigated, and if the USADA and the Nevada State Athletic Commission supports the claims of the reports, then things could look up for Jon Jones.

White said that he is usually public about his statements, but since this has to do with the medical aspect, things need to be sorted out before the public can be informed about it. He said that Jon Jones doesn’t seem to have taken the drug that he was thought to have taken, and UFC will reveal more details once the reports are made.

White said that Jon Jones had not been taking the primary substances that are banned by the USADA in and out of competition. Jones revealed that he had taken another substance, which he didn’t know contained the banned composition.

While this makes his case look a little better, things still aren’t looking up a great deal for Jones since he hadn’t spoken up about the other substances that he was taking before the drug test was carried out by the USADA.

The players are expected to come out completely clean to the USADA before a test to avoid such confusion, and Jones is in a bad situation since he didn’t come clean to them. While Dana White sounded positive about Jon Jones’ ban, it is clear that Jones isn’t out of trouble completely.

Jon Jones has to face probes by USADA. He also has to face the Nevada State Athletic Commission since they had jurisdiction over his last bout that took place in Las Vegas.

The fans of Jon Jones had been worried after the results of the drug test were made public. However, Jon Jones had seemed quite positive in spite of facing the proposition of being banned from the UFC 200.

He had revealed in a post that he has good news about his position and that he is going to be back in action soon enough.

Michael Bisping, the Middleweight champion recently spoke up about Jon Jones’ drug test result. He said that the Jones wasn’t taking the drugs to enhance his performance in the ring. Jones supposedly consumed some pill to improve his sex drive, and they happened to contain the banned substances. MMA Mania reported that there is no news on how Bisping had access to such confidential reports, but the similar reports are available to Dana White as well.