Civilisation VI is Set to Leave People Hooked and Make Playing A Bit More Educational, Release Due In October

With all the addition of the historical characters portraying as leaders of different territories, it’s like playing history through a video game, kind of like a fusion between knowledge and fun. The executive producer summed it up, saying she never was the kid in school who opened up the history book and was excited about learning it.

While the territory near Germany has its perks, while playing the Brazil version, the players will have an added advantage if they are near rainforests with them making the decision of whether they want to keep the rainforest and cultivate land or leave them be.

It also looks like the gamers need to be quite friendly or at least familiarize and learn something about the AI through espionage because, with hidden agendas, situations tend to get a bit mixed up.

Sarah Darney is aforementioned that the historical agenda in the game dictates how the gamers navigate the game field. She even mentioned that it’s about these big characters and their distinct ways of playing the game.

Sid Meier’s Civilisation VI is available for pre-order now on PC and will be released worldwide on October 21 for around sixty pounds. Are you excited to lay your hands on the game and enjoy the marvellous graphics and visuals? Leave us with your thoughts and views in the comment section below. Stay hooked for more news and updates.