Prometheus 2 Will Be Set On Earth, Director Ridley Scott Reveals Amazing Details!

Last month, certain reports indicated that the official title of the sequel for Prometheus that was released on 2012 will be Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth. The title clearly indicates that the upcoming movie will have an Earthly setting, instead of outer space or other worlds that were featured in the first movie. The director of Predators, Nimrod Antal, revealed in March that he has talked to Ridley Scott while in London and the director of the sequel, Ridley Scott, revealed that the next movie will not focus on the Engineer’s home-world but Earth.

According to Ridley Scott, new human characters will be introduced in Prometheus 2. This is because Elizabeth Shaw’s (played by Noomi Rapace) spaceship will be detected by a Wayland-sponsored Private Military crew, and they will go after it. Further plot details indicate that Elizabeth will die in this movie, and another female military hero will take her place.

Antal further declared that the home planet of Engineers won’t be revealed until the third movie takes place. Further reports quoted Scott discussing the interest of sequel on Elizabeth Shaw and the decapitated Android David, played by the stunning Michael Fassbender. Meanwhile, search for the Engineer’s home-world continues.

He declared that the sequel, Prometheus 2, has to revolve on the story of two, since there is no way to have someone wander into the galaxy with a person who still has his head cut off.  Latest reports indicate that the Prometheus 2 script is already complete, and filming of this movie is scheduled to begin this year. Recently, Fox announced that scriptwriters Art Marcum and Matthew Holloway, two of the Iron Man scriptwriters confirmed that Prometheus 2 will be set on earth.

According to Venture Capital Post, the plot details on how Aliens came to the Earth. Another conflicting report suggests that Prometheus 2 will be set on one of the Engineers’ home-world, which is Earth! As a result, Aliens might no longer be the villains in the second movie. The movie will reportedly draw inspiration from the plot of ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’’.