House of Wolves: Will Not Include Raids, Ready To Introduce Two New Social Spaces!

The month of May is set to bring in a lot of happiness to the fans of the first person shooter game, destiny. The second expansion of the sci-fi game developed by Bungie is set to be release then. Called House of Wolves, the expansion will not only bring in new content, but also fix a lot of bugs in the game.

House of Wolves is set to release on 19th May and is expected to take the players to the Reef. This location was previously used for some cutscenes in the base game and some other games in the previous version.

To give an idea of what the fans can expect in the House of Wolves, Bungie gave a video of the prologue and a brief write up on it in their website. The prologue said that the Reef will open to all Guardians, and the players can join the Queen in destroying Fallen, the traitor of the House of Wolves.

There is a lot of anticipation about the House of Wolves. Fans are waiting to see how Bungie creates the new location of Reef. The base game had great gunplay and players thoroughly enjoyed the action, but there has been criticism when it comes to the content.

The threadbare content is expected to be improved upon in the upcoming House of Wolves expansion. Various bugs are also expected to be fixed in it. It is believed that progressing to higher levels will become easier and characters can be customised with new gears and costumes.

There was a post made by Luke Smith, the designer of NeoGAF stating that he is working on new gears and costumes for the characters in the House of Wolves expansion. If the post is believed that fans will get to customise their players.