Selena Gomez Pregnancy: James Franco Jokes about Having a Baby with Her, Spotted Shooting for a Period Drama!

It’s time that the world moved on from the baseless rumours of Selena Gomez’s pregnancy. Last year it was all about Selena being pregnant with Justin’s baby and reports that the two-year relationship had culminated in a baby and then once the two split and moved on, it was about Selena being pregnant with Zedd’s baby.

Give the break to the poor girl already. She had quite a tough last year and is just back on her own two feet, trying to make her career soar again and the last thing she needs now is baseless rumours like this.

The rumour was fuelled when Selena appeared at the oscar’s vanity fair party looking fuller than usual. She usually has chipmunk cheeks and a baby face, but on that particular night her face looked a little bloated.

All the media needs is a small spark to create a huge fire, and that is exactly what they did.

The singer/actress has taken a gigantic step to bring her career back on track. She has started afresh, finally moving on from Justin Bieber. She seems to have love in music director Zedd.

Selena Gomez is working closely with him on a new music video and album. She has also signed some high profile movies. Her topless shoot with V magazine has also created quite a buzz and has brought her into the limelight, for something other than the Bieber debacle.

Selena Gomez’s pregnancy news was forgotten with Justin Bieber’s roast on Comedy Central. Hosted by Kevin Hart, the show saw a panel of people like Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Martha Stewart, Pete Davidson and many more joining into dish Justin with the crassest jokes and ridiculed him.

Selena was constantly brought up in the roast. She hadn’t been there during the filming of the roast, but wanted to watch it for herself in a private screening. She is sceptical about Zedd watching it and has asked him not to. He seems to have agreed as it is for the best. They know that that jokes were meant for fun and shouldn’t be taken seriously, but they still want to avoid it.