House of Wolves: Will Not Include Raids, Ready To Introduce Two New Social Spaces!

House of Wolves will remove a six player mission called a ‘raid’ that caters to long-time players and is much anticipated by fans. The reason for the ‘raid’ being so popular is that it allows the players to get high-level weapons and other merchandise that can help them along in the progression of the game. These things are not available anywhere else in the game-play.

Bungie has released an official statement confirming its decision to remove the raids from the new expansion. They said that they had a tough time in deciding not to include a raid activity this time round. They will be releasing another raid activity that will be released later this year.

For now, fans have to be satisfied with a cooperative end game that will test the player’s skill, replayability and variety. The players will also be treated to a new arena called The Prison of Elders.

The fans are not very happy with the absence of the raids. They are a little confused because it was believed that the delay in releasing the expansion from March to May was to work on a raid, but now it’s been removed altogether.

In order to make up for the absence of the raid, House of Wolves includes two social spaces, the Reef and the Halls of Amentet. It is a matter of time to see whether these can make up for the loss of the Raids.