Prometheus 2 Will Be Based On Earth, Script Is Already Ready, And More

Shaw and David are looking for answers and while they are not getting what they are looking for, they unearth other horrifying facts. They make discoveries that further remove them from the speculations they had made when they reached LV 223 in Prometheus.

Prometheus 2 is expected to provide a connection between LV 426 and LV 223 and will address questions that are in the minds of the fans of the Alien movie.

Ridley Scott has confirmed reports that Prometheus 2 will be dealing with the Xenomorphs. The film will have two monsters, one of them will be new to the franchise and both will have a link to the Xenomorphs, but they will not be one of them.

The script of the film has gone through several changes and it is expected to be bigger and better than the last time. Prometheus was unlike any other films we had seen. It made humans question their very existence and tried to figure out what made us humans against the aliens.

Michael Fassbender is always known to depict roles that have an element of surprise in it is expected to do what he does best and further develop the character of David. Fassbender along with Noomi Rapace can be expected to again awe audience with Ridley Scott’s brilliant screenplay.