Cristina Cole Will Join Suits Season 5, Mike And Rachel’s Relationship Will Be Tested, And More

Suits Season 5 has finally found the perfect match for the brilliant lawyer Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht). TV Line had reported that Aaron Korsh has been looking for an actress between the age of  30 and 60 who will play the role of a counsellor in the upcoming season and it looks like that the casting is complete!

USA Networks has confirmed that The Asset actor Christina Cole is going to play the role of Dr. Paula Agard, a Harvard educated psychiatrist. She is a specialist in corporate consultation and is going to be the perfect no-nonsense match to Harvey.

In Suits Season 5, Harvey is expected to visit a shrink to help him sort the mess in his personal and professional front, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet, if Dr. Agard will be the one that he visits.

Suits Season 5 will pick up from where it ended in Season 4. Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has finally decided that she needs to look out for herself and is unable to control her feelings for Harvey anymore. She tells it to him and decides to resign as his secretary and go and join Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman).

Donna’s decision was not easy on her part and it surely will not be easy for Harvey to deal with it either. Donna was not just an assistant to him, but she was someone who took care of all his needs and understood him like no other. It seems that Harvey will realise the true value of Donna after she decides to move away.

Harvey tries to replace her with a new assistant, but Donna was Donna and it’s not going to be an easy task. The impact of Donna’s resignation from Harvey’s service will affect the whole firm. When writer/director Korsh was asked whether Donna is out of Harvey’s life for good, he didn’t give a straight reply and said that the very fact that she didn’t leave the firm implies that things might head in the right direction.