Three Official Events Added To Dota 2 Championships and How CS: GO Can Benefit From Dota Trends, More Details

The competitive level of Dota 2 gameplay will feature the addition of three new official events to its calendar. It will begin this fall with the Dota Major Championships tournament with seasonal events leading up to the annual International championships to be held each summer.

In these marquee tournament events, gamers will notice the top teams competing against each other at premier locations all around the world. The Dota 2 website further explains that there will be limited trade periods all throughout the year, scheduled for the participating teams. While the fall event approaches, more tournament details will be revealed.

The three additional tournaments will be Valve-sponsored events that are hosted by third-party organizers in various different venues all around the world. The teams taking part will have to abide by the limited roster trade periods that take place during each year. Meanwhile, Dota 2 will also receive a major balance update and The International Five’s compendium, according to Valve.

The latter is a digital program associated with The International Purchases of The Compendium which provide the player with in-game bonuses while a portion of the proceeds are forwarded to the International Prize Pool. With a flawless system like that, Dota’s International Championships will enjoy a whole new level of finesse.

Meanwhile, in spite of its tremendous growth, Counter Strike Global Offensive cannot match the $10.9 million prize pool of TI4 or the Dota 2’s success with its million plus concurrent viewers in DAC. If Valve wishes to have the two most popular e-Sports in the world, there needs to be a sharing of idea between these two franchises.

Having four different and undoubtedly major tournaments all throughout the year is a big advantage. However, they are not as much of a positive considering the single major tournament of The International which takes place for Dota every year. Dota has one massive official event with millions of dollars on the line and it features some of the top teams from all around the world. All of it creates a huge interest in Dota that turns out to be quite beneficial for the organizers.