Michael Schumacher’s Son Debuts in Formula Four, While He Continues To Be Serious and Critical, More Details

It is time when Mick Schumacher, son of the legendary racer Michael Schumacher takes his father’s steps and makes his debut in Formula Four, a category in which young racers compete. Mick being 16 years is due to make his racing debut in a few days to come.

The son of the seven time Formula One world champion is all set to mark his name in the racing tracks. This will be the first time when Mick will be racing with his real name, until now he has been participating in go kart racing events with his mother’s maiden name Corinna purposefully to avoid the unwanted media attention.

Michael himself started his glorious career from the go-kart tracks and eventually made it to the Formula circuits and went ahead to rule the place for over a decade! Mick using his own name clearly shows that he is ready to make a mark and is all set to show what he has in him.

Mick has a protective shield of his father’s former rivals, friends, mother and Sabine Kehm, the manager of the young lad. His mother has come out and requested the media to restrain the attention that they pay to him as he is too young to handle it.

Gerhard Berger a former Australian Formula One driver and a rival of Schumacher Senior has gone ahead and reported that the young boy admits holding a lot of advantage also holds the disadvantage of living to the burden of the name he carries.

He also said that it will be difficult for Mick to walk on his father’s footprints but also that he expects the junior to do well and have a successful career at the tracks. He said that he knows the boy to be down to earth and has the desire to race well. Berger said that having grown up in the world of racing, he is well prepared for it.

Berger feels that Mick is embracing the tracks to divert his attention to something other than his father’s recent accident while skiing which has affected him in a big way.