Prometheus 2 Will Be Based On Earth, Script Is Already Ready, And More

If reports from last month are to be believed then the official title for Prometheus 2 is going to be Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth. This is clearly indicative that the action in the much anticipated sequel of Prometheus will be based on Earth.

Ridley Scott himself confirmed that the sequel will focus on earth and not the Engineer’s home-world. Prometheus 2 will also introduce new humans. Elizabeth Shaw’s (Noomi Rapace) spaceship Juggernaut, will be traced by the private military crew sponsored by Wayland, who pursue it.

Nimród Antal, the director of Predators has revealed that in his recent discussion with Ridley Scott, the latter has said that the plot of Prometheus 2 will focus on the story of Elizabeth Shaw and the decapitated droid, David, played by Michael Fassbender. Elizabeth is supposedly going to die in the film and will be replaced by another female lead.

Antal has further revealed that the plot has three aspects and Shaw and David’s journey to Paradise is only going to happen in the third part of it. Scott said that there has to be a story that evolves between a scientist and a body-less droid and their journey in search for the Engineer’s home-world.

According to the latest scoop, Ridley Scott is done with the script of Prometheus 2. The filming for the sequel is expected to start sometime later this year. Fox has revealed that according to the scriptwriters Matthew Holloway and Art Marcum, Prometheus 2 will be based on Earth.

Some are speculating that the film will try to figure out how the aliens come to earth while some believe that the home-world of the Engineers is earth and the aliens will not be villains in the sequel.

The “Black Goo” is expected to make an appearance in the film. This time, however, it is not going to be a weapon of destruction, but rather a means of creating life. Something like a forbidden fruit.