HTC One M9 Review and Comparison with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, More Details

Similar to its forefathers, the HTC One M9 is a really beautiful looking device. It is encased in a premium-feeling two tone gold and silver chassis, which subtly exudes class.  The device feels great in the hand and is quite comfortable thanks to the 5-inch display and a sleek angular body. It is packed with excellent stuff. When you are talking of a flagship device from a company like HTC, it’s difficult to expect anything lesser. However, hold this device and take a good look at it and it feel quite familiar to the earlier HTC One M8. The upcoming M9 is practically same in design to the M8.

HTC has made a few changes and adjustments to the chassis and the build materials. The most obvious addition is the new camera addition in the back, which is now a square. Among the many notable tweaks, HTC has made the back and the edges more ergonomic in design. The phone’s shell also includes scratch resistant coating. Meanwhile, HTC has used a dual-tone design by taking ideas from luxury watchmakers it seems. With a device like this, it should be rightfully compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The latter is made up of metal, thankfully a departure from the usual plastic-finish. The back doesn’t come off, which means you can’t replace the battery in Galaxy S6 Edge. The move to metallic design is certainly a commendable approach by Samsung. Compared to that along with the curved display in the S6 Edge, the HTC doesn’t do much other than blatantly copying the design of its predecessor.

When it comes to the features, there is plenty to enjoy in the Galaxy S6 Edge.  It has the best camera that Samsung has placed in a phone. It can be used as a universal remote control and has plenty of software add-on. With a 2,560×1, 440-pixel resolution display, the screen is the sharpest around and looks tremendous with its wrap-around design.

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  1. HTC continues to improve its iconic One design line and the One M9 is its best. HTC listened to customer feedback on the One M7 and One M8 with the M9 better in every aspect, from hardware to software.

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