Prometheus 2: To Be Based On Earth, Engineers Are Controlled By A Greater Force, And More Details

Ridley Scott is believed to very excited about the possibilities in the script. He said that he already has 15 draft of the script evolving. He is looking forward to working on Prometheus 2 because he loved doing the first installment.

Ridley Scott is set to work on Blade Runner 2 and The Martian. While The Martian is due in the fall of this year, the Blade Runner 2 is going to start after that. This says that Prometheus will start shooting only in the end of 2016.

There have been some interesting scoops about Prometheus 2. The source has revealed that the story is three fold, with David and Shaw chancing about the Engineer’s home in the end. While on their quest to find answers, it is going to be discovered that the Engineers have been created by another race to carry out their work.

Shaw and David are not going to find answers this soon. They discover things that change the ideas that they had formed after reaching LV 223. The film will show a connection between LV 223 and LV 426.

With the script going through numerous revisions Prometheus 2 is going to be bigger and better.