Austin Mahone: Becky G’s New Video Shows The Two, Fifth Harmony Fans Lash Out At Him!

Austin Mahone and Becky G had already gone public about the fact that the two have started dating, but Becky’s new video Lovin’ So Hard has made it more real.

Fans of Austin Mahone and Becky G have become the symbol of young love. The two met while working on this album and ever since the making of the video, there has been rumors after photos of the two holding hands and news about the two cozying up together started doing the rounds.

Last week, 19 year old Austin Mahone had confirmed that he was dating Becky G. He told MTV that it was great being with a person who did the same things that he did and it helps them understand each other much better.

The video starts with Becky lying on her bed and cooing. Then she gets ready while singing that she might let the boy in her life “lock in down” and introduce him to her mother. Austin Mahone makes an appearance and then the two roam around the city holding hands and clicking photos. Becky even writes “A+B <3” in the sand while out in the beach with Austin.

Becky later shared photos of the day adding that it was fun making the video with Austin. At the end of the video when Becky says that she will make him meet her mom, she turns and says that he has already met her mom and he adds that she’s very nice. It looks like things are getting serious with the parents getting involved.

The video is very clear in pointing out how the two singers feel about each other. They are constantly hugging, touching and kissing. Austin Mahone and Becky G seem to be having a ball of a time together, which shows the couple are very good friends and very comfortable with each other.