Prometheus 2: To Be Based On Earth, Engineers Are Controlled By A Greater Force, And More Details

The script for Prometheus 2 has undergone several changes and director Ridley Scott is finally ready to move ahead with it. The working title for the film will be Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth. Scott himself has confirmed that the action this time will be held on earth.

Ridley Scott had said that the xenomorphs will not be returning in the second installment. According to Cinemablend the xenomorphs are scary because they are real. For Prometheus 2 he will create aliens that are scarier than this.

There rumors in some news tabloids that the xenomorphs are going to return in the upcoming film, but it is yet to be confirmed. There will be two monsters, both similar to the xenomorphs.

A quest for the Engineers is will be the focal point of Prometheus 2. The Engineers played a major role in Prometheus and it looks like this time round they are into something bigger. A mysterious aspect of their origin will be discovered this time and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and droid David (Michael Fassbender) will head to the original home of the Engineers.

Ridley Scott has sat down with Nimród Antal, the director of Predators and Neill Blomkamp, director of Alien 5 to make sure that the intergalactic universe of the two films doesn’t mess each other up.

Antal has revealed that the plot of Prometheus is divided into three parts. The final part focuses on Dr. Shaw and David’s journey to search for the home of the engineers and this will be called the Paradise.

Prometheus 2 will see them starting on this journey. There has to be a story behind a scientist and a body-less droid coming together, especially when they have a past where David tried to kill Shaw.

Prometheus 2 is believed to see the death of Dr. Shaw and her place will be taken over by another female lead. This film will also introduce other humans. Shaw’s spaceship, Juggernaut will be picked up by the Wayland military who will chase it.