Chris Evans And Lily Collins Dating, Friends Are Rumoured To Try And Break Them To Save Her A Heartbreak, And More

The Oscar’s Vanity Fair party saw Captain America charming his way into the heart of Lily Collins. Chris Evans and Lily Collins were spotted to have come close after the February party and it’s now been confirmed that the couple has been dating since then.

With the third month of their relationship approaching, Chris Evans and Lily Collins have been coming closer and strengthening their bond. However the friends of Lily Collins are a little sceptical about her dating the Captain America of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lily Collins has been asked by her friends to not get too serious quickly and to be a little wary, because Chris Evans has a notorious reputation when it comes to relationship and women. The man in real life is no hero when it comes to dating.

Sources close to the Love Rosie actress have warned her that she might end up being like one of the many women that Chris has dated before her. This report has been informed by Fashion N Style.

Lily is being cautioned that if she isn’t very careful then she will face a heartbreak soon enough. Once Chris starts losing interest in her, he will move her from his life and continue forward.

Chris Evans is aware of the reputation that he has created for himself and he is hopeful that Lily is the one to tame his heart for once. He is ready to silence all those who believe that Lily Evans is just a distraction and he cannot and will not settle down.

Chris Evans has been previously linked to Minka Kelly, Gisele Bundchen, Jessica Biel and Sandra Bullock. Evans hopes that this relationship with Lily is for keeps and that she becomes ‘the one.’

Chris Evans has always been very outspoken about his personal life. With this news of him and Lily Collins being a couple circulating, the actor was asked this question during the red carpet premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.