Jeremy Lin: Will Not Continue With The Lakers, To Team Up With D’Antoni, Tweets About Nepal Earthquake, And More

Jeremy Lin’s contract with LA Lakers is to end after the 2014-2015 NBA season and most experts are of the opinion that the star player is not going to renew his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers for the next NBA season.

Lin was bought by the LA Lakers in a trade with the Houston Rockers in the summer of 2014. He started the first nineteen games for the team this season and was considered one of the top players to score, after Kobe Bryant.

However, things took a turn for the worse when there was a difference between Jeremy Lin and Byran Scott, the head coach for LA Lakers. Lin spent the remaining season sitting on the bench. He was replaced with Ronnie Price, who was subsequently replaced for Jordan Clark in the middle of the season.

Lin had a good record, averaging 11.2 points with 4.6 assist and 2.6 rebounds in the 74 games he had played this season. In spite of all this, Scott was not impressed and even openly criticised the player.

Even though the relationship between Jeremy Lin and Bryan Scott did seem to improve later in the season, analysts believe that the strained relationship between the two is the main reason why LA Lakers will not resign Lin for the next season.

With the star player available, the various teams are scrambling to get him to sign with them. Lin, however, is very particular about choosing a team for the next season. He has said that he will choose the team where he will be given enough opportunities to showcase his skills and play in the games.

There are reports that Mike D’Antoni is on the way to fill in the post of the head coach for Denver Nuggets. D’Antoni had coached Lin in his famous ‘Linsanity” days in 2012 when the two were at New York Knicks together.