Chris Evans And Lily Collins Dating, Friends Are Rumoured To Try And Break Them To Save Her A Heartbreak, And More

Nancy O’Dell of Entertainment Tonight asked the 33 year old actor if he was off the market. The question made Evans a little awkward. He stuttered for a while, wondering what to reply and then said that he refuses to answer the question at an event focused on promoting the Marvel film.

This answer has surprised his fans a little because Chris has always been forthcoming about his relationship and wasn’t one to shy away from answering such a question. Evans tried to make up for the negative response with his trademark smile and got away with the awkward moment.

The couple seem to be surrounded with reports of how Chris will break Lily’s heart and kick her to the curb any day. It is not that Collins haven’t had her own share of failed relationships, but with Chris having moved from one high profile actress to another, Collins’ friends are very wary of this relationship.

Despite all the rumours and gossips about Lily’s friends trying to break them apart, the newly linked couple seems to be enjoying their relationship. They are at a stage in their relationship where they are enjoying each other’s company and have been spotted having fun and getting to know each other