Austin Mahone: Becky G’s New Video Shows The Two, Fifth Harmony Fans Lash Out At Him!

Austin Mahone and Becky G might be the epitome of love for their fans, but things are not so good when it comes to the fans of Fifth Harmony. The fans of the group lashed out at Austin when he said that he is having a real relationship for the first time with Becky G.

The fact that he used the term “real relationship” for his relationship with Becky G unlike the one he had with Camilia Cabello has upset her fans badly. To make matters worse, Austin said that it was great being with someone who did the same thing that he did and understood what he did.

Austin by profession is a musician and so is Becky. Fans of Fifth Harmony member, Camilia Cabello are livid that he made a dig at her not being a good enough musician to understand what he does and also indicated that she wasn’t support of him and his music.

The fans made a #CamiliaDefenceSquad hashtag on YouTube and it started trending even on Twitter. Cabello has taken to Twitter to write “Damn…good to know” after Mahone’s comments were out. Cabello’s mom had written on Twitter that Becky loved Mahone. So, his comments are bound to hurt her.

Cabello has never openly bad mouthed Austin Mahone after their breakup. She has even stopped her fans from being rude to Becky G.