Prometheus 2: Ridley Scott Reveals Title While Promising to Answer Questions, Additional Sequels Rumored, And More

The first question that the film will be asking is who are the Engineers and how and why did they create something that is so evil. Prometheus showed that the Engineers have created the very existence of human beings on Earth and they have also created the alien bio-weapons that are the xenomorphs.

Prometheus hinted that the Engineers have a grand plan of releasing these bio-weapons on Earth to wipe out the very existence of life on the planet. Prometheus 2 will therefore pick up from there are try to figure out why the Engineers will use one of their creation to eradicate another.

If reports from Scified are to be believed, Prometheus 2 will be followed by three more films. This report has been suddenly doing the rounds in the internet and while there has been no official confirmation on it, fans are not negating the information completely.

There are skeptical yes, because with no information about a sequel, Ridley Scott has suddenly come out with the news that Prometheus 2 is going to happen so there can be chances that he has finally got a script that will require more than one film to unfold.

There are directors like Cameron who are making more than one sequel of their films since they were popular and because the story demands an elaborate telling that can’t be achieved in a single film.

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