Castle Season 8: Beckett’s Sudden Disappearance, Rick Narrates the Story While Olagundoye Makes Clarifications, And More

Castle Season 8 is back on ABC and this time round, Kate Beckett and Rick Castle are going to be in different roles. While Kate is the Captain at the 12th Precinct, Castle is starting his very own detective business.

The creators of the show have decided to tell the story for each episode from either the perspective of Castle or Beckett and episode one starts off with the story being told to the viewers by Rick Castle.

The premiere begins with Castle gifting his wife a new bracelet as she starts on a new job. The life as Detective Kate Beckett knew is long gone. Captain Beckett is now stuck in office meeting Deputy Chief Gates and sorting administrative issues while Castle goes ahead to solve crimes.

The new Captain isn’t very happy with her new role as the Captain since that means that she doesn’t get to solve the crimes, but things aren’t going to remain that way, if rumors are to be believed. Beckett will face challenges that will force her to change the rules about the role of a Captain.

Castle himself had a surprise coming his way when he realizes that his daughter Alexis is joining him in solving the crimes. Alexis has always helped him brain storm and come up with interesting conjectures that would then go on to help Castle and Beckett solve many a crimes, but things get a little too real for Castle with Alexis right there with him solving the crimes.

Castle soon gets a call from Ryan and Espito informing him that they aren’t being able to locate Beckett. Castle’s nagging suspicion becomes pronounced when a murder scene comes up with Beckett’s blood and the new bracelet that Castle had given her that very morning.

Castle Season 8 starts with its exciting streak with Beckett’s sudden disappearance and the pool of blood indicates that she has been hurt and abducted and things don’t look too good. It is all up on Castle to try and find out his wife and before it is too late.

The first question that viewers ask after they learn that Kate Beckett has been abducted in Castle Season 8 is whether the demons from her past are back to seek revenge from her. Show runner Alexi Hawley and creator Terence Paul Winter has confirmed this speculation.

According to Master Herald, Kate Beckett’s past has caught up with her. Yes, she can obviously run from them, but there is no way that she can hide and escape them altogether.

It is believed that Castle with his new employee Hayley, played by Toks Olagundoye will realize that Senator William Bracken is responsible for the disappearance of Beckett and it was he who was also responsible for murdering Kate’s mother.

Toks Olagundoye who plays the character of Hayley in Castle Season 8 has spoken about her role in an interview with TV Line. She addressed the speculation that she is going to be the new love interest for Rick Castle. Toks made it very clear that she is not in the upcoming season to do romance, she is there to kick ass and bring in all the sass.