Castle Season 8: Beckett’s Sudden Disappearance, Rick Narrates the Story While Olagundoye Makes Clarifications, And More

She said that after being in television industry for 21 years, she isn’t someone who will be part of a series only to play the role of someone’s love interest. Olagundoye said that romance is the last thing on her character’s mind. She is more interested in doing her best as a security specialist.

ABC has already released the official synopsis of the next episode of Castle Season 8. It says that Kate is going to get a call from her past and she has no option, but to fight for her life. The trailer for XX that released online shows that Kate and Rick are set to have an emotional showdown.

The fact that Rick knows where Senator Bracken is, has given fans hope that Kate is soon going to encounter him and try to find out answers about her mother’s murder. The trailer also says that Kate is hiding a very big secret, a secret that might jeopardize her marriage to Rick.

CarterMatt has reported that the second episode of Castle Season 8 will show Beckett’s side of the story and will bring to the audience the details of her sudden abduction.

Beckett has realized that there are some who are hot on her trail and will do anything to remove the new Captain. While we will see Castle doing all he can to help get his wife back, Beckett will be seen trying to figure out who wants her dead and why.

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