Prometheus 2: Ridley Scott Reveals Title While Promising to Answer Questions, Additional Sequels Rumored, And More

Director Ridley Scott has revealed that the official name for Prometheus 2 will be Alien: Paradise Lost. The name had given rise to a lot of queries and the noted director has finally come out to reveal the reason for the same.

According to an interview with HeyUGuys, the Ridley Scott revealed that the name Alien: Paradise Lost is perfect for Prometheus 2 since the plot takes the viewers back to where everything started from and how these creatures were created.

With Prometheus 2, Ridley Scott will go back through the door that he had created thirty years back with the first Alien film. For a while now, the popular name for Prometheus was Paradise closely referring to the plot that the film will be exploring.

Fans are speculating that the term Paradise Lost, which is borrowed from John Milton’s famous epic poem of the same name is also a reference to a particular dialogue from Prometheus.

In the first film, Elizabeth Shaw’s father tells her that dead people go to a beautiful place that some prefer calling as heaven and some call it paradise.

Scott said that the reference to Milton’s poem is because there is a connection between his world and the world that will be depicted in the film and that was where the elusive director decided to stop talking about the upcoming film and the reason for its naming.

Prometheus 2 will feature a new planet and this is going to be the place from where the Engineers originate. There are reports by that the planet is going to be called Paradise in the film.

Ridley Scott has confirmed that the creatures that were shown in the original Alien, designed by H. R. Geiger, will not be featured in Prometheus 2, but he has assured fans that there are going to be other terrifying creatures in the film.

The creatures that were introduced in Alien are some of the most iconic creatures and they have haunted many a viewer. It had first appeared in 1979 and fans were looking forward to seeing them back in Prometheus 2.

One of the creatures that is set to be introduced in the upcoming film will be a hybrid of the Engineer and the alien and will be called the Deacon. This creature was introduced in the end of Prometheus and will be largely featured in the sequel.

Prometheus 2 is going to go on the floors in February next year and will see Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, returning to take up their roles as the droid David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw.

Fans of Alien, who are waiting patiently for Alien 5 are going to see a new version of xenomorphs. The last part of Prometheus saw a new kind of xenomorph that came out from the chest of an Engineer. However, Prometheus 2 as Ridley Scott has confirmed, will not have any xenomorphs.

Ridley Scott is business promoting his new film The Martian and he visited the Toronto Film Festival recently. While at the festival, in a quick interview with Collider, the noted director spoke about Prometheus 2.

The first film ended with a lot of queries in the mind of the viewers and Scott has assured fans that most of these questions will be answered, although many more will also be added to the list with Prometheus 2.