Clash of Clans: Supercell to hold its first ever community event-ClashCon, Latest update adds brand new aspect to the game, Clash of Clans coming to Tokyo!

The developers of the popular mobile video game Clash Of Clans – Supercell is set to hold its first ever community event ClashCon 2015, this October. Supercell aims to get its clash community from all over the world together at a single press conference in this event. Participants from over 30 different countries are expected to at this event, from the US to Australia, Russia to India.

ClashCon 2015 is scheduled for 24th October 2015 and is scheduled to be held at the Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland. The event starts at 12 pm, local time, and concludes at 9 pm. The tickets for the event cost 99 Euros, and are available online. Prices include food, beverages, Clash loot, workshops and more.

Fans must be above 18 years of age to participate in this event and the tickets are non refundable. Tickets can be purchased here.

Various events are planned for the ClashCon 2015 and they include tournaments which will feature top clashers fighting in clan wars, it will be held on the main stage, workshops and panel discussions on how to get three stars in clan war attacks and participants can also learn how to win every single clan wars in The Art of War panel discussion.

Supercell has promised to give away other special gifts to the attendees apart from the free T-Shirts that every participant shall receive at the event.

Supercell recently rolled out the latest update for Clash of Clans. It is now available for download on App Store and Google Play. This new update adds a number of new features and aspects to the immensely popular mobile video game and also work towards better game balancing.

The latest patch adds a very important aspect to the game – The Clan Wars Tiebreaker! If the score of both the teams are even at the end of a war, the team with more average destruction percentage will get the victory.

25 new wall pieces have been added to the Town Hall 10 along with Lightning Spell level 7. The appearance of level 11 walls has also been revamped and it has been greatly praised by players.

The potency of the Lightning, Earthquake, Freeze and Poison spells has also been increased. Level 6 Lightning spell is now made available at Town hall 9 and the damage for this spell of level 5 and 6 have been increased.

The poison spell has also been reworked. Poison spell now deals less damage to troops in it at first but the damage increases to a great extent over time. Now, the effect of this spell lingers on troops even after leaving the spell and the attack rate of defending troops is also reduced by this spell.

Earthquake spells, which often did not get as much importance as the other spells from players have become much more useful after the update. The damaging power of this spell has been increased significantly and now deal much more damage than before regardless of a building’s current hit points.

While repeated earthquake spells now deal lesser damage to the same buildings, four earthquake spells in succession still possess the power to destroy any level of wall put up by the opponent.

Freeze spells have also been reworked and it now also affects defending aerial troops. Other updates include the lava hounds which do not target air troops anymore and attacking troops that will now engage defending troops from further away.

1 week shields are also made available for purchase from the shop for Titan League III and Titan League II players.

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