No Man’s Sky: Release Date in the Dark, Likely to Coincide with Morpheus, And More Details

Hello Games had revealed snippets about No Man’s Sky at the E3 on June 15 and then everything is quiet on that front again. It is believed that the secrecy is because Hello Games wants the interest in the upcoming game to increase and hence they are not giving out any information to the fans.

Latinos Post has revealed that new information about No Man’s Sky is going to be revealed at the upcoming New Yorker Festival in October. iDigital Times has informed that Hello Games isn’t keeping the release date of No Man’s Sky a secret. The release date hasn’t been finalized yet since the game is still in development.

What Hello Games is doing is, they are showing the fans how far No Man’s Sky has evolved since the time it was first developed. Fans have agreed to this and have also confirmed that the gameplay that they have seen so far is surely very promising.

The New Yorker Magazine had a very elaborate and long article on No Man’s Sky at the beginning of this year by Raffi Khatchadourian. This article stated that the gameplay for No Man’s Sky was developed by a team of almost 12 members.

Each of these individuals are brilliant in coding lines and creating mathematical rules that helps deduce the age and the arrangement of celestial objects like planets, moon, stars and asteroid can be understood.

The team of coders is head by Sean Murray, who had started his career in Electronic Arts and then moved out of the company to create Hello Games along with three other friends. They believed that having a small team is better than having a large team.

The first game that Hello Games released was Joe Danger, which gained positive reviews from players and critics alike. The game had a great gameplay and the plot of full of humor. The game, however, lost its charm in comparison to the hugely successful No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky is rumored to have an astounding number of planets, roughly 18 quintillion of them, each with their unique features and gameplay. The gamers are convinced that there is not going to be any player who can ever finish the game in their lifetime. The gameplay will require the players to start on one planet with the goal to reach the center of the universe.

Although Game Spot has reported that No Man’s Sky is going to be featured in The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the release date of the game is still not stated anywhere and the developers have been ever elusive about this point.

Design & Trend will offer some good news for the fans of No Man’s Sky with their report that Hello Games’ Sean Murray is going to be hosting a 90 mins conversation about the upcoming game and it is likely that he will broach the topic of the release date for the highly anticipated game.

Fans are rushing to get tickets for the October 3rd event since they want to be there to witness any new developments that are being made in their favorite No Man’s Sky.

There are some speculations that No Man’s Sky is going to launch the game to coincide the release with the release of Sony’s Project Morpheus. Some are of the opinion that the game is going to be perfect for the VR headset.