Downton Abbey Season 6 Returns amidst Mixed Feelings, First Episode Gets the Dice Rolling For More Drama, And Details

Fans of the popular British drama series Downton Abbey are in a weird spot right now. They are happy that the season 6 is finally here, but they are also aware that this means that the show is also set to end after a long and successful run.

With the decision to wrap up the series after Season 6, the creator Julian Fellowes has assured fans that the show will make it a point to tie together all the loose ends before the final curtains comes down so that none of the fans feel cheated from finding out what’s next for their favorite character.

Joanne Froggatt, who is one of the popular actors in Downton Abbey revealed on E! News what the fans can expect from Downton Abbey Season 6. Joan Froggatt plays the character of Anna in the series and while talking at the Emmy Awards she said that fans are going to have to be prepared for some upsetting situations in the upcoming season.

She said that the fans are going to get their dose of drama, intrigue, romance and some bits of tragedy as well when Downton Abbey Season 6 premieres, but has informed that no matter what it is all going to end well and fans are going to get a great series end.

British actor Jim Carter, who plays the role of Mr. Carson in Downton Abbey talked to Mirror UK about some of the moments in between shots when the cast members broke down after realizing that they were working on the very last season of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey Season 6 has returned on ITV in the last weekend and with the very first episode, fans have realized that it is going to be a huge rollercoaster ride of emotions. The fans saw a glimpse of the relationship between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes.

The elderly couple creates a funny picture when they get all awkward while broaching the subject of consummating their marriage. Mrs. Hughes even asks her cook Mrs. Patmore to talk to Mr. Carson ahead of the marriage.

Downton Abbey is based at a time when society had a lot of say and Lady Mary’s secret liaison with Tony Gillingham at Liverpool is out to get her real bad. The no sex before marriage clause is expected to be held up, but now that she didn’t do that the chambermaid from the Grand Hotel has got an opportunity to come out and blackmail her for thousands of pounds.

Lady Mary has always been someone who doesn’t bow down to the expectations placed on society and when the chambermaid threatens her and says that while people from her class are coming up and the ones from Lady Mary’s class are coming down, Lady Mary retortsin a smart manner and says that while the working class is surely rising up, she doubts if it’s the same for the chambermaid.

The one character that is going to be taking charge in Downton Abbey Season 6 is the character of Lady Edith. We already knew from Season 5 that she is going to inherit the publishing company situated in London. Season 6 premiere showed that Lady Edith isn’t going to be moving to London, but will carry out the business from Downton.