2017 Jeep Wrangler: Official Confirmations Far From Available, Rumors Regarding Body Style and Engine Technology Doing the Rounds, More Details

The 2017 Jeep Wrangler is reportedly in the pipelines, even though Fiat-Chrysler is yet to release an official statement on the issue. As reported by numerous renowned auto-websites, Fiat-Chrysler is working on the latest Wrangler, with valuable inputs from its last-gen variant, along with numerous technological upgrades.

A release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, although, we have reasons to believe that the vehicle should be available at showrooms across the world by 2017-18, with 2017 being more practical. The 2017 Jeep Wrangler is also rumored to be available as an UTE, with the last such model being the 2005 Jeep Gladiator.

Despite being based on the 2005 Wrangler, the Jeep Gladiator borrowed numerous styling and utility features from the Dodge RAM. However, such a possibility can be ruled out in the upcoming variant of the vehicle.

The Wrangler is further rumored to be manufactured alongside the popular Jeep Cherokee at Toledo, Ohio. However, the only problem with this deal is that both models are equally popular. Hence, one can apprehend further development in manpower and infrastructure required to develop both vehicles simultaneously.

To give you an estimate of the same, Jeep sold 140,888 units of the Cherokee along with 139,930 units of the Wrangler so far in 2015 alone. Hence, to manufacture both vehicles at their plant in Toledo and meet the current demand, Fiat-Chrysler needs to think about expansion.

However, experts believe that Fiat-Chrysler might have figured out a probable solution to this issue. They believe that while the Wrangler will continue to be manufactured at the historic site in Toledo, the company might consider shifting the Cherokee’s production line elsewhere.

Illinois and Michigan are the two probable destinations that have popped up so far. In that case, the Cherokee will be built alongside either the Dodge Dart or the Chrysler 200 respectively.

While the Dart has been an overall slow seller, the Cherokee shares its underpinnings with the Chrysler 200. Hence, both these locations seem probable at the moment. However, these are mere speculations so far, since Fiat-Chrysler seems to be in a hush hush mood at the moment.

There has been a massive debate in the automotive circuit regarding the exterior dynamics of the upcoming Wrangler since there are no spy images at the moment. While many believe that the designers are looking at a modern approach, another faction claim that the Wrangler shares most of its exterior dynamics with its predecessor.

Numerous websites claim that a model based on the 2005 Gladiator is in the making, although, others believe that a mid-sized SUV is all that’s in the pipelines. No matter what the situation might be, people are talking about the vehicle and that’s what matters at the moment. The hype is alive.

Fiat-Chrysler, however, has their hands full at the moment as they need to comply with the emission norm across Europe and America. Last heard, the company was looking to use aluminum, to bring down the average emission of the vehicle. If that’s the case, the company also needs to upgrade their plant at Toledo, to cope up with the demands of the market.

The employees are working double shifts and overtime to get the job completed on time, and we have reasons to believe that Fiat-Chrysler might be hiring people soon. This is good news for the locals, as this creates a new window of opportunity and a whole lot of employment opportunities.

Initial rumors claim that the 2017 Jeep Wrangler will feature a diesel engine block with six and eight-speed automatic transmission systems.