No Man’s Sky: Release Date in the Dark, Likely to Coincide with Morpheus, And More Details

The VR gadgets from Sony are going to be released in 2016 and if these speculations are true then No Man’s Sky is likely to be released next year. There is a good chance that the delay for the release of No Man’s Sky is because Hello Games wants the game to be suitable for PS4 and the PC apart from being compatible with Morpheus.

While waiting for Hello Games to release the date for No Man’s Sky, fans have been discussing how they will be playing the game once it is released. The fans are of the opinion that the best way to engage with a fantasy game is through the music.

The music for No Man’s Sky is going to be engaging since the game is long one. In a recent interview with 65daysofstatic, the composers of No Man’s Sky, Paul Wolinski from the band talked about how Hello Games approached them to work on No Man’s Sky.

The two sides sat together in a room for only two minutes, when it became clear that the collaboration is going to go ahead. The band revealed that the process of writing the songs for No Man’s Sky was a stressful one, but they have experimented a lot and have come up with some interesting tracks that go really well with the gameplay.

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