Prometheus 2: A Fun Package Due To Release In 2016, Cast, Plot, New Aliens And More Information

This is not all that is making the buzz when it comes to Prometheus 2. The film is all set to reveal new aliens. It is true that the second film will start from exactly the point where the first left, but it is certain that Scott will bring in some new elements into Prometheus 2. This news was confirmed by Scott himself in an interview with The Australian.

Xenomorphs are to be seen in Prometheus 2, but not in their original forms. Reports claims that there will be 2 new aliens seen in the second part of the upcoming film that will have some similarities with the old Xenomorphs, but will be different in their own ways.

Originally reports from Screenrant did suggest the fact that the movie is done with aliens, but eventually it seem to be clear that fans will have not just have aliens but perhaps some new ones. This time round, the aliens may not be the villains.

With no official announcements yet, fans are bound to speculate about could be happening in Prometheus 2. With Ridley Scott directing it fans are sure of it being a great film.

There are been no official news about the release date.