GTA 6 Could Be Released Between 2018-2020, Featuring A European Setting, A Female Protagonist, And More Information

Rockstar has been intensely focused on GTA 5 with new DLC releases and the PC that took place recently. It was released on PC through Valve’s popular Steam platform and PC gamers have been quite excited about it, with new YouTube videos releases every day. At the same time, various kinds of mods are already making their way to GTA 5.  It’s understandable that PC gamers are quite excited about this title. Meanwhile, a lot of fans are curious about the future of this franchise and people have already started speculating about GTA 6.

There were rumors about an official announcement but till now, nothing has been released so far. If you’ve already come across some rumors, we advise you to take it with a grain of salt as nothing can be believed so early. Rockstar is still enjoying the success and worldwide impact of GTA 5 so any news regarding the next game in this series won’t be released so early. Moreover, the company has a lot of work left to do on GTA 5 and an announcement regarding GTA 6 might be taken badly by the community.

At the same time, a lot of fans are scouring internet for news updates, info and rumors regarding the upcoming title. Although we have heard some rumors about the upcoming title, nothing is actually concrete at this point. Till now, most of the rumors indicate that GTA 6 might release from 2018 to 2020. The release date sounds believable as Rockstar would have a lot of time to weed out the issues currently faced by GTA 5 gamers.

Once they are done with it, Rockstar Studios will probably start working on the 6th title. Moreover, by that time, the company will have gained enough feedback to decide about the features in the upcoming installment. Right now, the studio seems to be deciding the location of the next game in the GTA franchise as it’s an important point that they haven’t decided right now. Currently, there are many options on the table and a lot of them suggest a European setting for the franchise. If this really happens, it would make for a really interesting setting.