Prometheus 2: A Fun Package Due To Release In 2016, Cast, Plot, New Aliens And More Information

Prometheus 2 is the film that is grabbing all headlines recently. The sequel for Prometheus that had released way back in 2012 has created quite a buzz. The film is set to be called Prometheus 2: Hell on Earth.

There has hardly been any official news about the movie so far, but a lot has been revealed by different sources and insiders. From plot details, characters, release dates we have quite some bit of information circulating in the internet to keep the fans happy.

Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace are set to appear ones again in the film. Both the above mentioned have been part of Prometheus. Rapace played the role of Dr. Elizabeth Shaw while Fassbander did an exceptional work in the role of a droid, David.

The Telegraph also went ahead to report, that Prometheus 2 might see Dr. Shaw losing her life and will have another female lead coming in to take up her place. There have been no further details about the role that could be played by the new character. Report even suggests that the sequel might see David continue being without a body after he was decapitated in Prometheus.

The main focus of Prometheus 2 will be on finding a new home planet for the Engineers, who happen to be the creators of human race. Paradise seems to be the dubbed name of the planet they are searching for.

This Ridley Scott film is expected to be set on Earth and only as the movie goes ahead will the main characters find out that The Engineers receive their commands by some unknown power. With no official word yet, there is speculation that Earth isn’t going to be the location for Prometheus 2.

Prometheus had Shaw say that she has no plans on going back and that she wants answers and fans believe that she isn’t going to find any answers on Earth, which indicates the high possibility of the film being based in Paradise.