Apple Watch Users Should Install iOS 8.3 while Jailbreak Users Should Better Stay Away at the Moment, More Information

Presently, there are no hopes for an 8.3 jailbreak and reports indicate a major delay in its development or release. Presently, there are rumors circulating that an iOS 8.4 might release this week. The new features that are introduced with the latest release will make it harder to jailbreak in the coming future. Once this version is applied, the previous iOS version will be affected as well.

In the meantime, iOS 8.4 will bring lots of new features like a refreshed Music application but the main fact is that the new Apple iOS 8.4 will possibly address a lot of security and vulnerability issues which should be dismal news for the jailbreak developers. While people are waiting for the new features introduced in the new update, the folks who are waiting for a jailbreak will face a tough challenge and plenty of time will be required to come up with a newer jailbreak version.

If you can recall, there was a reported jailbreak made by Stefan Esser on the iOS 8.4 Beta 1 version. After this news is made public, it shouldn’t be really surprising if the current jailbreak has already been patched by the upcoming 8.4 iOS version. This introduces difficulty and Apple users might have to wait till iOS 9 launches in order to enjoy the next jailbreak.

At the time, any chances for an iOS 8.3 jailbreak seem highly improbable as the most likely scenario involves Apple releasing a patch that fixes the jailbreak in iOS 8.4. A tweet by MuscleNerd indicates that there are 39 bug fixes in iOS 8.3 but Jailbreakers still need to avoid it.  Various jailbreak developers like TAIG and PANGU have reported that an iOS 8.3 jailbreak will release soon. However, these reports of an upcoming iOS 8.4 update might spoil their plans.

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