Apple iPhone 7 Will Use Force Touch Technology With Rumors Claiming A September 2015 Release, And More Details

Recent rumors and speculations suggest that Apple might launch a four-inch variation of their flagship handset when the iPhone 7 releases this autumn. The company has already started ordering parts for a four inch device, which is believed to be a four-inch updated version of the iPhone 6, according to the latest reports from China. Right now, the screen of the standard iPhone 6 is 4.7inches while the iPhone 6 Plus measures 5.5inches. The future plans for Apple regarding their iPhone line-up involve a great deal of speculation while analysts back out a variety of options at the moment.

The recent claims by Ming-Chi Kuo started gaining momentum recently and his reports indicate that Apple might totally disregard the future development and release of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus during autumn and instead totally skip to the Apple iPhone 7. He is an analyst at KGI Securities and is believed to a have an excellent track record that involves getting access to Apple’s latest plans. However, his reports conflict with Apple’s standard trend of releasing iPhones.

They usually release a new iPhone model every year, followed by an improved/upgraded model that releases in autumn. The particular theory has now been superseded by reports that suggest the release of a four inch variation known as the iPhone 6C, supposedly launching this autumn. BGR, a tech news site reports that Apple has started to place component orders for the new device and the four inch iPhone 6C is closer to reality that we earlier thought.

According to reports from GSM Dome, Pan Jiutang and Sun Changxu, two reported Chinese analysts say that local smartphone makers are working hard to source the camera sensors because Apple has snapped them up for the upcoming iPhone 6C, to be launched in September. However, it is difficult to believe that Apple will release both iPhone 6C and 7 models as it would give rise to a contradictory new line-up from Apple. At the same time, Apple never wishes to comment on their future devices.