Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with Windows 10 to Be Released In October with Renewed Hardware, Reports Suggest, More Information

It was earlier rumored that Microsoft would be launching the latest version of its tablet/laptop combo known as the Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Earlier reports suggested that it would be unveiled at the Build Developers Conference in San Francisco, scheduled from April 29th to 1st May. On a disappointing turn of events, nothing was ever heard from Microsoft regarding this affair and right now there has been a rise of a new round of speculations regarding the future and possible release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

We may not get to see this device on the month July either since Microsoft is yet to comment on a possible release date of this device. The Inquisitr reported that Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 4 to the retail markets in October so that it can debut with Windows 10 on it.

If the rumors are correct, Microsoft will also be launching its latest operating system by that time. If the two events collide, we may possibly notice the launch of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the latest Windows 10 pre-loaded in it. Right now, people are questioning as to why Microsoft decided to hold off the release of this device.

The release date was delayed from July to October so that Microsoft could release in retail markets with Windows 10 already installed in it. Earlier, according to its own timetable, Microsoft thought that it could release Windows 10 by July. The company is aware that if it releases the Surface Pro 4 with Windows 8.1 on it, the device will never make the same impact it would have made with Windows 10 pre-loaded. Moreover, in the past, Microsoft has been launching their Surface range of tablets in October; hence, it makes sense for the device to make a debut in October this year as well.