Ariana Grande Breaks Up Eight Months Old Relationship with Big Sean, Golden Opportunity For Nathan Sykes, More Details

The love birds Ariana Grande and Big Sean have called off to their eight months long relationship abruptly. The news was jointly given out by the former couple this April. Big Sean had previously exchanged rings with Naya Rivera, but things did not go well between them and the rapper found love once again with Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean shared a romantic relationship and their fans loved it. Big Sean in the recent past had given Ariana a lion pendent, very similar to the one he has. There are reports suggesting that Big Sean had gone ahead to buy a ring for Ariana last Christmas and was very close to proposing her.

So what caused the relationship to sour so suddenly? For the starter it looks like Ariana Grande’s absence from the “Big House of Blues” performance upset for boyfriend. It was said that the singer couldn’t be there as she was busy rehearsing for her Grammy performance, but in reality she had a throat infection and was told by her coach to rest her voice.

To make matters worse, Justin Bieber’s surprise act during the Honeymoon Tour of Ariana Grande also did not go down well with Big Sean. He expressed his displeasure about the same on micro blogging site Twitter, saying that the little boy should not be touching his girl the way he did.

The joint report issued by Ariana Grande and Big Sean mentioned the fact that they cared for each other and will remain close friends. US Weekly has gone ahead to report that the cause of the couple breaking up is their hectic tour schedule.

Sources close to Big Sean reveal that Sean is upset with the fact that Ariana Grande has a care-free attitude post their breakup. This is not all; the rapper also feels sad seeing the recent closeness between Ariana Grande and her ex-boyfriend Nathan Sykes.