Pokemon Z Has Probably Been Skipped, Rumors Indicate Nintendo Is All Set To Receive Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

Meanwhile, according to The Seattle Ties, one of Pokemon’s creative design directors, Eric Medalle was passed away in a vehicular accident last March 13. The title reported that Medalle was coming home after a Sunday drive with his youngest daughter and due to a wind storm, a large pine tree crashed on his car after it was struck repeatedly by strong winds.

His daughter suffered minor injuries but he was killed on the spot. Medalle started working with The Pokemon Company back in 2003. He took part in some of the projects under the Pokemon Franchise like “Omega Ruby,” “Omega Sapphire,” “SoulSilver,” Black 2,” and “White.”

This year has been pretty interesting for Pokemon and rumors indicate that it will have one or more games releasing this year, in the coming months. Pokemon GO is one of the games that are sure to come out. It is going to be a location-based game designed for smartphones and tablets.

Players will need to visit real-life locations in order to search for the various Pocket Monsters. There are running jokes about Pokemon to be found near a volcano or a crate. All of it sounds rather interesting.

Meanwhile, in a recent event, Nintendo announced some details on upcoming Pokemon games which have been dubbed Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. They did not provide any additional details besides the confirmation. However, it has been predicted that the upcoming titles will feature the recently unveiled Legendary Pokémon, Magearna.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon Z!