Pokemon Z Has Probably Been Skipped, Rumors Indicate Nintendo Is All Set To Receive Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon!

Pokemon is Nintendo’s one of the most top selling franchises, after Mario series and it has been so, since the last 20 years. This year marks the 20th year anniversary of Pokemon. In order to celebrate this anniversary, the developers, Game Freak were all set to release Pokemon Z for the masses or at least release some of the possible details regarding the game.

In order to make the news more incredible, the devs were also set to release Pokemon GO around the same time. It was Pokemon’s answer to the VR. However, the news of Pokemon Z is quite limited in spite of the suspected release date which is looming. It should come as a no surprise that the game will not be released this year or even at all.

Meanwhile, it has been predicted that instead of Pokemon Z releasing with GO, rumors indicate that Pokemon Niji, which translates to Pokemon Rainbow will be releasing with Pokemon GO. This news comes as a major disappointment for the fans of Pokemon X and Y who expected another sequel in the series. Pokemon Z will not be happening anymore and Pokemon Rainbow will come instead.

The next Pokemon title will be changed up and people are wondering what is in store for the franchise next. Sadly, we are not yet aware of what’s going to happen next. What we know so far is that if Pokemon Niji is real, then this title is currently a working one. This further means that it could be subject to change at any point during the development lifespan.

Something bizarre about the newly leaked Pokemon title is that it is in fact currently lacking a pair. Whenever any Pokemon game releases, it tends to have a pairing with one another where one title is simply a little bit different compared to another. Pokemon Rainbow is the only title which is currently under the leak list at the moment and so there is a lot more to be found out.

Sadly, people are not aware of anything more. The Pokemon Rainbow gameplay won’t be any different from the rest of the handheld Pokemon games which were released on the 3DS and this is exactly how fans want it to happen.

Of course, there will be a brand new story where you take part in but the details of that story doesn’t have any leaked information at the moment. Everything we know about the game so far is quite limited and primarily confined to the name.

Pokemon is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this year. However, less than a month after the official celebrations kicked off, the franchise is already dealing with a lot of new developments. For example, the Pokemon Z release which was supposed to be celebratory this year was plagued with a lot of rumors regarding cancellation.

According to previous reports, Z was said to be scrapped out of Pokemon’s releases this year and the title was further replaced by Pokemon Sun and Moon. Thankfully, according to the latest developments, Z is not really off the drawing board.

Instead, it has simply been moved to a later release date next year. The game is considered to be still under development and Japanese Magazine CoroCoro has reported that fans can expect a lot of new things from the game. The magazine further revealed that Z or Zygarde will be a combination of Yveltal and Xerneas and they are separately epic Pokemon already.