Becky G and Austin Mahone Were On a Break When He Moved On with Katya Henry, Becky G Focusing On Work!

Becky G and Austin Mahone were the cutest couple in the music industry and then fans were suddenly hit with the news that the two have gone their separate ways. Becky G and Austin Mahone decided to break up since they wanted to focus on their careers.

Becky G had always gone on record to state that she was supremely happy with Austin Mahone and she felt like it was a dream come true since she was dating a rock star. She would talk about how caring and loving Austin Mahone is and the fact that she has met her person.

The two had met while they were working on a video together and were inseparable. The two had continued to be good friends even after their break up and would frequently flirt with each other on the social media, which made the fans feel like there might be a chance of the two of them coming back together.

This hope was shattered by Austin Mahone who uploaded photos of himself with another girl, Katya Henry, at Disneyland. Fans of Becky G and Austin Mahone were surprised and shocked at the photo. They couldn’t believe that Austin Mahone could move ahead so fast with another girl.

Austin Mahone started dating Katya Henry, a fitness expert and he was all over the social media about his new love. When fans of Becky G and Austin Mahone started targeting Katya Henry for coming in between the two of them, Austin Mahone jumped at her rescue and asked the fans to not behave badly with her.

Austin Mahone and Katya Henry are continuing to display their love for each other on the social media and while some fans have been won over the cute way that the two interact with each other, there are some who still want Becky G and Austin Mahone to get back together.

Austin Mahone had shared photos of his date night with Katy Henry where he had rented out an entire theatre for just the two of them and has shared photo of them holding hands and watching the movie.

While Austin Mahone had clearly moved on, Becky G is still struggling to come to terms with the break up. In a tell-all with Latina, Becky G informed that she and Austin Mahone were happy together.

The two were completely in love, but they realized that they have dreams and aspirations of their own, which they cannot let go off and they wanted to put the relationship on the side so that they could focus on their respective career.

Becky G revealed that while she and Austin Mahone had initially thought that they would break up for good, they realized with time that they couldn’t go through that since they were so much in love and decided to take a break for a while so that they can come back together when the time was perfect again.

The two were clearly on a break where they should have been focusing on their career, when Austin Mahone went ahead and got into a relationship with Katya Henry.

Becky G revealed that she was shocked and devastated because she had always maintained how happy and in love she was with Austin Mahone and she couldn’t believe that he would move on so easily.

However, the Shower singer has been very practical about the whole situation and said that she will have to move on from the past. She is immersing herself in her work and has been relying heavily on her friends to help her cope with the break up.