Becky G and Austin Mahone Were On a Break When He Moved On with Katya Henry, Becky G Focusing On Work!

Youth Health Magazine had reported that Becky G had shared a photo with a guy and some other friends of her. The fans got super excited about the fact that she has finally started to move on from Austin Mahone, but then they realized that the guy in question was only Dacre Montgomery, who will be working with in her upcoming film Power Rangers.

Becky G has been roped in to play the role of Yellow Ranger in the 2017 remake of the popular television series. She will be joined by Naomi Scott and RJ Cyler to name a few. There are reports suggesting that Elizabeth Banks is going to be the villain in the upcoming film.

Becky G is excited to be moving to Vancouver where the film will be shot. She is going to be living on her own for the first time and is thoroughly excited about it.

While Becky G is busy with her upcoming film, Austin Mahone is getting ready for his European tour and is collaborating with friends in the industry for his new album. Austin Mahone released a collection of some of his reworked originals fans recently.

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